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Media Guide

 Lambert Public Information Office

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport respectfully requests that all media planning to produce news coverage on airport property make a courtesy call to the Public Information Manager or others in the Public Information Office. This applies to taking photographs, recording video or sound or getting interviews. Media should try to call at least 30 minutes in advance for non-emergency news coverage. The Public Information group will notify the appropriate personnel about your arrival and nature of coverage. This communication and approved clearance will help media better perform their tasks or jobs uninterrupted.

Public Relations is located within St. Louis Airport Authority Administrative Office (314) 426-8000. For questions concerning airport services, call the Airport Information Booth at (314) 890-1333. For flight information or airline questions, please call your specific airline. All media inquiries made to any other department of the St. Louis Airport Authority (Lambert) will be forwarded to the Public Information Office for response.


Media Policy
It is the goal of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport to quickly respond and help the media cover airport-related operations and events. We will try to accommodate all requests for information and interviews.

Terminal 1: The St. Louis Airport Authority will offer complimentary parking for official media business on airport property during regular business hours. Parking for media vehicles is available in the Terminal 1 Garage. Contact the Public Information group for clearance to receive the complimentary parking pass.

If space is available, “live” ENG trucks may be permitted to park on the upper level drive (Departing/Ticketing Level) of Terminal 1 near Entry Door 6.

Terminal 2: Parking for “Live” ENG trucks is also available near Terminal 2 where news crews can access fiber optic ports for links to live shot locations inside on the lower level (only). The Terminal 2 Live Truck

parking zone (to access fiber optic ports) is situated in the loading dock area just east of passenger drop off entrance off of Air Cargo Road. The TV media port inside Terminal 2 is on the west side of the escalator bank (closest to baggage carousels) on the lower level. Please contact the Public Information group for clearance to use the fiber optic ports in Terminal 2. Due to height and weight restrictions, all over-sized live trucks or satellite trucks must park in a separate designated area for use in Terminal 2. Please contact the Public Information Office if space for a satellite truck or other news vehicles is required.

The media is allowed in all public areas in Lambert Terminals 1 and 2.  Shops, restaurants, airline gate areas and various offices are not considered part of the public areas. These are leased spaces. The media must obtain permission for access and/or be escorted to these areas to gather information, photograph, videotape or record sound. Again, the media should contact the Public Information Office for any type of coverage on Lambert property.

The media is not allowed into restricted or secured areas of the airport, unless escorted by a member of the Public Information Office or other assigned Airport Authority staff. Restricted areas include all aircraft operating areas (taxiways, runways) concourses and airline gate areas beyond the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints. Media members who gain unauthorized access to secured areas are subject to arrest and prosecution.

Emergency Procedures
In the event of an emergency, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport will make every effort to provide the media with information as soon as it becomes available.

Lambert Public Relations team will notify media where to meet for latest updates. During an airport emergency, Lambert will only be able to update the media on airport related operations. The airlines will be responsible for informing the media about the status of their passengers, their planes or their flight operations. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are federal agencies that may also be a source of information during and after an airport incident.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport does not deny the media access to the passengers and other public visitors, but it supports anyone’s decision to deny being interviewed or photographed.

News media pilots of helicopters and other aircraft should observe standard flight regulations. Additional temporary flight restrictions may be enacted during an emergency at Lambert.

The St. Louis Airport Authority welcomes the opportunity to provide facilities and technical assistance for commercial television productions, commercial video, and commercial still photography. All requests to film for commercial purposes must be first approved. A written request for filming/photography must be submitted two weeks in advance. For information on rates and other requirements, contact Lambert Public Information Manager Jeff Lea. Lambert-STL Film Application here.


All Media Inquiries:


Jeff Lea
Lambert Public Information Manager
PO Box 10212
10701 Lambert International Blvd.
St. Louis, MO. 63145-0212 U.S.A
Public Relations
(314) 426-8125
(314) 426-5733 fax


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