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Copper Roof Inspires Exclusive Prints for Airport Art Event

The historic copper roof of Terminal 1 at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport has been an architectural inspiration for nearly 60 years. Now its become an inspiration for art. In the process of replacing the original copper roof this year, the Airport has saved a few green patina copper tiles to share with St. Louis area print studios. Artists are using the copper to create exclusive prints for the 4th Annual Art of Travel fundraiser, benefitting the Lambert Art and Culture Program.

The Art of Travel, presented by Spire Natural Gas Fueling Solutions, will celebrate the growing arts scene at the Airport in Terminal 1s B Concourse from 6-8 p.m. on Oct. 2.  Tickets are $75 and available via www.flystl.com/artoftravel. The event raises funds to support the Airports acquisitions of permanent artwork and temporary exhibits.

The Lambert Art and Culture Program commissioned three presses, The Firecracker Press, Amanda Verbeck with Pele Prints, and Gina Alvarez with Yellow Bear to each transform one of the weathered, historic tiles into printmaking plates. Each press has developed its own imagery using the nostalgia and mystery of travel as its only prompt. The Firecracker Press, Pele Prints, and Yellow Bear have employed a variety of processes to alter the tiles, allowing the 60 years of weathering marks to be forever impressed into these pieces of fine art. From paper airplanes to woodcuts using wood salvaged from the 2011 Good Friday storms, the three presses are letting the copper inspire them to experiment and create innovative and exciting works of art. The evolution of each print is being documented in a blog, http://flystlprints.wordpress.com.  The prints will only be available at the Art of Travel event.

In addition to exclusive copper-inspired art, the event will feature a silent auction of additional prints by the three print studios and several art experience packages provided by the Foundry Art Centre, Painting with a Twist, The Preston Art Glass Studio, Craft Alliance and others.

The theme of this years Art of Travel celebration is the film-noir and fedora style 1940s.  Gourmet chefs from across the country will prepare signature cuisine throughout the night along with 40s inspired cocktails. Swing dancing demonstrations will entertain guests who are encouraged to dress up for the occasion.  The chefs appear courtesy of global restaurateur HMSHost, a world leader in travel dining. HMSHost operates a large number of dining venues at Lambert, and is part of Autogrill S.p.A. the worlds largest provider of food and beverage services for travelers.

More than two dozen other businesses and corporations are sponsoring the Art of Travel, which is helping to transform the Airport with local and international works, bringing a new sense of place for visitors and local residents alike.    The Lambert Art and Culture Program launched more than four years ago during The Airport Experience, the Terminal 1 renovation campaign that concluded this year.  Since 2011, 13 major works of art have been installed in terminals and concourses including nine art glass screens by local St. Louis area artists. The latest installation was in July with the relocation of the Gateway Foundations China China (Zhu Wei, 2003) in the Terminal 1 Ticketing Lobby. The program also supports temporary exhibitions in The Lambert Gallery in Terminal 1.  Past exhibitors have included Craft Alliance, Chess Hall of Fame, the Griot Museum, and the Foundry Art Centre.  The International Photography Hall of Fame is currently exhibiting A Heritage of Cameras through November.

The seven-member Airport Art Advisory Committee, appointed by St. Louis City Mayor Slay, works with the Airport to recommend and help select art installations and exhibitions. The committee is represented by David Allen, Susan Barrett, Laura Helling, Marilu Knode, Jill McGuire, Kiku Obata and Frieda L. Wheaton.

Those advisory members are also part of the Art of Travel Host Committee, chaired by Ken Page. Other committee members are Dwyer Brown, Sara Burke, Curtis Cassel, Cynthia L. Cosby, Sean Devereaux, Ollie Dowell, George and Dianne Garrison, Carrie Houke and David Carl Wilson, Richard Hrabko, Samuel Jenkins, John Kemppainen, Nancy and Ken Kranzberg, Benjamin Lipman, Meridith McKinley, Kathleen Ratcliffe, William and Julie Shearburn, Jack Stelzer, Andrew Trivers, Daniel White, and Donna Wilkinson. 

For more information on the Lambert Art and Culture Program, visit www.flystl.com/art

Independent Warriors: Lambert Photo of the Week

U.S. Army veterans Dennis Cabanting and Angie Peacock traveled through Lambert with a crew filming a documentary about injured service members.

The struggles and triumphs of two Army veterans recovering from their injuries suffered in combat in the Middle East played out at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport this week. Retired veterans Dennis Cabanting and Angie Peacock are being profiled in a documentary produced in partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project. Dennis and Angie, who live in St. Louis, were traveling to Los Angeles. Dennis is learning to walk again and be independent after a brain injury. Angie suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and is assisting Dennis in his recovery. The two have already been profiled on an MSNBC series "Wounded, The Battle Back Home."

Lambert Photo of the Week: Finishing Touches

Carpenter Steve Goforth puts the finishing touches on a plastic laminated wall recently installed next to United Airlines ticketing counter in Terminal 1.

Construction crews are putting the finishing touches on a shiny new wall recently installed next to United Airlines ticket counter in Terminal 1. The work is part of the final phase of renovations at all the airline’s ticket counters. Carpenter Steve Goforth added a little elbow grease rubbing down the wall to give it an extra shine. The wall is made of plastic laminate. Plastic laminate, or p-lam as it is referred to by construction workers, is easy to clean and if the panels are damaged in any way, they can be individually replaced. Once the walls are complete, doors will be added for employee access to their ticketing counters. The project is slated to be completed in two weeks.

2014 Art of Travel Celebrates 1940s Style

Lambert Airport's 4th Annual Art of Travel gives you a ticket to the 1940s. For one evening, guests are encouraged to don their best fedoras and film-noir style to celebrate the post-prohibition decade of high style. Grab your friends for some free pics, too. 

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2014 Art of Travel Celebrates Art, Food and Dance

The Lambert Art and Culture Program presents the 4th Annual Art of Travel on Oct. 2, 2014. The celebration of arts is centered around art, food, drink and culture- 1940s swing dancing. 

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2014 Art of Travel: A Toast to the 1940s

The 2014 Art of Travel, benefiting the Lambert Art and Culture Program, makes a toast to the 1940s at its annual event on Oct. 2, 2014. Signature cocktails have been selected for the night to evoke a sense of the post-prohibition times. 

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Artists to Create Exclusive Prints Inspired by Copper Reclaimed from Historic Terminal

The 2014 Art of Travel benefiting the Lambert Art and Culture Program is working with three amazing art partners who will exhibit and have for sale exclusive prints that will use reclaimed copper (from Lambert's historic Terminal 1 roof) in the printmaking process or as an element in the final prints themselves.

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Art of Travel 2014 to Feature A Live Chef Experience and Gourmet Menu

The Art of Travel event benefiting the Lambert Art and Culture Program will feature gourmet chefs from across the country preparing signature cuisine on Oct. 2, 2014. 

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Passing Through: Lambert Photo of the Week


Passengers exit Terminal 1, Door 17 through the newly renovated glass-enclosed walkway toward the passenger pickup area.

Whether your coming or going, a lot of folks are passing through the newly completed enclosed walkways connecting Arrivals Drive and Bag Claim in Terminal 1. The overhead structure was completely rebuilt at exits 12 and 17 with all glass ceilings and walls. This allows more light to fill the major pathways that lead people to and from shuttles and other vehicles.  The glass features high tech layers from offering improved safety, security and UV protections. A decorative window film gives the walkways a distinct and modern look. The Airport just completed the final phase of the project. New tile was installed on the ramps and stairways improving safety and adding a finishing touch to these major entrances and exit points.

Trace History of Camera Design at New Exhibition by Photography Museum

The Art & Culture Program at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is proud to welcome its newest exhibition by St. Louis-based International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum (IPHF).  "A Heritage of Cameras" is now on display in The Lambert Gallery in Terminal 1 through November 30. It features a collection of cameras from the 19th Century to present day.

Diverse names such as Kodak, Polaroid, Cohen, Pixie, Canon, Minolta and many other manufacturers are represented by a wide array of camera types: large format cameras, miniature cameras, every day street cameras and studio cameras. If your photographic memory needs a jolt, you can even spot a modern day smart phone in this collection, too, which has become the everyday camera of our times.

“In spite of the remarkable variety of camera designs, they all have three features in common: a light-tight chamber, a lens, and a sensitive recording area (film or image sensor),” said John Wm Nagel, Executive Director of IPHF. “The cameras in this exhibit are a sampling of the many directions camera design has taken.”

The exhibition offers a chance for photography enthusiasts to spot cameras they had during childhood, or ones they saw their grandparents use. The exhibition features cameras from a collection of 6,000 items in the IPHF collection. The display is curated across six displays: view cameras, stereo cameras, twin lens cameras, miniatures, folding cameras and box cameras.

The Lambert Gallery is located in Terminal 1 in Baggage Claim near the exit for Concourse C. “A Heritage of Cameras” was selected for display by the Airport Art Advisory Committee (AAAC) as part of a series of exhibitions in the Lambert Art and Culture Program. The exhibit is made possible by support from the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission. It’s also sponsored by Cheri K. Combs, Managing Partner, Deloitte. 

The International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum operates as a nexus for photographic activity in Grand Center and the St. Louis region. IPHF hosts photographic exhibits and competitions, displays its museum of cameras and provides workshops in all aspects of historical and contemporary photographic techniques. IPHF also presents guest speakers and panel discussions, hosts meetings of local photographic organizations, and offers its traveling exhibitions in venues across the country. Wider distribution channels include a quarterly newsletter, website, and podcasts. www.iphf.org

Airport Improvements

Free Cell Phone Lots

Avoid parking fees the next time you pick up a passenger. Lambert provides free waiting zones for motorists near each terminal.

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