A team of large snow removal vehicles drive in formation in view of Terminal 1 and the ATC tower during Thursday’s snowstorm.

The first snowfall of 2017 arrived at Lambert on Thursday with a dry, powdery accumulation that made for some blustery views from the  terminal windows.  Hundreds of people and machines went to work hours before the anticipated snowfall, and continued throughout the entire storm system, clearing the airfield and maintaining safe runway conditions.  The airport’s newest piece of snow removal equipment is the groundbreaking MB-5, which plows, brushes and distributes liquid deicer in one giant machine. In fact, Lambert was the first airport in the country to own one.   More than 20 pieces of airport snow removal equipment worked at a time, comprising four teams that maneuvered in skilled formation.  Each winter storm is battled according to its unique conditions.  For this weather event, the snow was so dry that few deicing methods were needed.