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Photo Of The Week

'Tis the Season: Lambert Photo of the Week

A decorator from Three French Hens adorns a Christmas tree in the Terminal 1 Ticketing Level Tuesday. 

Like the classic Christmas song goes,“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go!”  We are still a couple weeks away from Thanksgiving, but Holiday cheer and themed decorations seemed to pop up all over St. Louis this week!  Lambert-St. Louis International Airport was no exception.  In a process that takes weeks, garland, bows, wreaths, ornaments, boughs of holly and even Santa’s sleigh are beginning to make appearances on site.  The crown jewel, standing over 9 feet tall, is the glittery tree in Terminal 1.  With seemingly too many adornments to count, the installation took nearly four hours and three people to complete.  The airlines, vendors and concessionaires at the airport are also beginning to look merry and bright with their own festivities.  Even if you don’t yet see holiday decorations in all parts of the airport just yet, the waft of seasonal flavors from one of our six Starbucks coffee shops will have you holly and jolly in no time. 

Window Seat: Lambert Photo of the Week


A view of Lambert’s ATC Tower from the cockpit window of an XTRA Airways’ Boeing 737-800 parked outside Concourse B.

The new charter for Apple Vacations, XTRA Airways, had an introductory event at Lambert Airport this week.  Travel agents and their clients could visit sponsor booths and tour the airline’s 168-seat Boeing 737-800 jetliner.  Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is kicking off a new year of charter vacation travel with a season that will offer more flights and one of the newest of planes for trips to Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean.  In December, XTRA Airways will begin operating solely from St. Louis, charting flights to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Liberia, Costa Rica, and Puerto Vallarta and Huatulco, Mexico.    Daily, year-round service to Cancun, Mexico, operated by Frontier Airlines, rounds out the 2015-2016 schedule of vacation charter destinations.  The pilots may have the best seat in the house, but we think any seat is a great one when you’re on your way to a vacation! 

Clean Sweep: Lambert Photo of the Week

A sweeper makes runs to clear debris from a newly reconstructed section of the airfield ramp.

Fall brings closure to a lot of weather-sensitive airfield projects at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. One of those was the reconstruction of the north apron at the L-pad; an area just east of Concourse C.  The pavement had reached or surpassed its designated lifespan, and this week marked the end of the final phase of the improvement project that replaced 27,000 sq. yards of concrete. Even with a new and smooth concrete finish, there's still one more job before the area can be re-opened.  A pavement sweeper is brought in to make sure the new section is debris-free and meets the same safe conditions as the rest of the airfield's runways and taxiways.  This new section of pavement is also the deicing area for Southwest Airlines.  The black and white painted sections are designated to stage deicing trucks, which could be called up for duty any day now with the first frost of winter fast approaching.

Fall Flight: Lambert Photo of the Week

Fall colors are on full display in the sky as storm clouds clear and the sun rises over Lambert Airfield on Friday. 

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting cooler, and even the sky appeared to take inspiration from the color-changing fall leaves Friday morning.   The sunrise gave a truly beautiful display, as clearing storm clouds became a vibrant palette of oranges, reds, yellows and purples.  Fall is definitely here, and it’s a season that can make us want to cozy-up with pumpkin spice and the ones we love.  Those of us who work at Lambert Airport get to be a part of bringing people together every single day- and also serving those favorite fall flavors our travelers crave.  In passenger statistics just released, year-to-date through September, Lambert has boarded 4.75 million passengers- up from 4.67 million a year ago.  With more people to make happy, and new destinations on their way, the changes fall is bringing are definitely good ones!

Signing Off: Lambert Photo of the Week

US Airways’ name has been removed throughout the property in preparation for completion of the merger into American Airlines on Saturday.

Airports all around the country are removing signage for US Airways, as the name is set to disappear this weekend when the merger with American Airlines is made final.  The last US Airways flight arrives in Philadelphia Saturday morning.  Lambert-St. Louis International Airport began the process of removing the airline’s signage throughout the property early in the week, when the US Airways ticket counters and gate areas in Terminal 1 were rebranded for American Airlines.  Both USAirways.com and AA.com have a large “Becoming One Airline” front page section with helpful information for travelers adjusting to the transition. The merger now makes American the world’s largest airline.

Go Cards: Lambert Photo of the Week

Lambert Public Relations Manager, Jeff Lea, shows off the new STL trading card at the ACI-NA Conference in Long Beach CA.

Although we are certainly rooting for the Cardinals as Red October begins in St. Louis, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport has another set of cards to celebrate this week.  In September 2014, Lambert Airport led the campaign, and was part of the original launch of the North American Airports Collectors Series which featured trading cards from 17 airports.  On Monday, Lambert led the national debut of second edition in the series, which now has more than 60 participating airports.  Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) kicked off the second year of the program on Monday at the 2015 ACI-NA Annual Conference.  The airport trading card series offers aviation enthusiasts a new collectible opportunity to commemorate their travels through U.S. and Canadian airports.  Lambert’s second card features an iconic image of its new copper roof on Terminal 1, which was installed in 2014. Pick up the new cards at the Airport Information Booth in Terminal 1.

The Art of Party: Lambert Photo of the Week

The Copper Collection selling fast at the 5th Annual Art of Travel.

On Thursday, Concourse B was transformed into a moonlit Paris streetscape for Lambert-St. Louis International Airport’s 5th annual Art of Travel.  Guests were treated to a grand, red carpet entrance into the one-of-a-kind venue.  The glimmer of dozens of candles, the warm glow of street lamps, the delicate aroma from lavender bouquets, and live music from a six-piece band set the perfect mood.  Expert chefs with HMS Host flew in from all over the country to fill seven chef tables with the finest French cuisine. Guests could even sample Absinthe, authentically prepared from a French fountain, and pick blooms from a Parisian flower cart. The highlight of the evening was debuting the Art of Travel Copper Collection; jewelry crafted by local metalsmiths from Lambert’s historic original roof.  Of all the wonderful elements to the evening, and there were many- the best part is how it will benefit the Lambert Art and Culture Program. See you next year! 

Above and Beyond: Lambert Photo of the Week


The Art of Travel Copper Collection on display for the first time Thursday, at a sneak-preview event at the Craft Alliance Center for Art + Design.

Millions of memories have been made under Lambert-St. Louis International Airport’s space-age, sweeping domes.  An infinite number of emotions have been felt in the passageways that lead to new adventures. The copper above, that weathered 60 years of history atop Lambert’s iconic Terminal 1 roof, has unknowingly been a subtle constant in our lives, our families, and generations before.  The Art of Travel Copper Collection has been crafted by four local artists from remnants of the original copper roof, which was replaced in 2014.  Their creativity took flight into the array of beautiful new designs; pieces that are sure to develop an entirely new legacy of their own.  The collection is exclusively available at the Art of Travel event on October 1.  For tickets and info, please visit www.ArtofTravelSTL.com 

Happy Housekeepers: Lambert Photo of the Week


Some of Lambert’s Housekeepers pose for International Housekeepers Appreciation Week.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport showed some extra appreciation to our team members in celebration of International Housekeepers Week (IHW).  According to the International Executive Housekeepers Association, IHW “recognizes the professionals who maintain a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for us all each and every day,” and has been celebrated since 1981.  Lambert’s 39 housekeepers work around the clock to tend to the terminal corridors, restrooms, and outer buildings.  They celebrated all week long by wearing STL T-shirts and enjoyed a potluck lunch mid-week.

Somber Skies: Lambert Photo of the Week

The skies in STL today reflected a seemingly somber remembrance of past events.

Fourteen years ago today the skies above Lambert, and the nation, stood still.  Following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, every plane in the country was grounded by government order, and every aircraft above U.S. airspace had to land.  Planes were diverted to the nearest airport within 100 miles, and airports had to navigate where to park all of these unexpected arrivals.  The former Deputy Director of Operations and Maintenance at Lambert described the scene as simply, “Planes everywhere.”  9/11, and the days following, were likely the most quiet the skies will ever be in our lifetime.  STL was the first airport in the nation permitted to reopen airspace and resume air travel following 9/11.  Friday the flags in front of Lambert flew at half-staff, and at 7:45 a.m., TSA issued a reverent message throughout the airport and called for a moment of silence.  The TSA was created by the U.S. government as a direct result of the 9/11 attacks.  

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