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Photo Of The Week

Perfect Part 139: Lambert Photo of the Week

An Airport Operations Specialist returns to his vehicle after examining a taxiway sign to ensure FAA compliance during an airfield inspection.

In order for Lambert-St. Louis International Airport to operate as an airport, it requires an Airport Operating Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Airports must adhere to strict operational and safety standards established by the FAA, which vary depending on the airport size and type of flights.  For Lambert, our guidelines are found the FAA Part 139 regulations.   This week the airport celebrated receiving a perfect score on our annual Part 139 airfield safety inspection.  The weeks-long examination by the FAA revealed STL to be in complete compliance, and was awarded a prestigious medal for the high marks.  What’s more impressive?  The fact that this is the second year in a row to receive the honor.  Lambert’s Airport Operations Department performs a detailed inspection of the airfield multiple times a day to help ensure the highest level of safety and FAA regulation compliance. 

Demo Debris: Lambert Photo of the Week

Debris is loaded into a truck during the demolition of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport’s Trademart building.

A familiar and unique airport building known as the Trademart was reduced to rubble this week as demolition began for a repurposing of the area.  The Trademart building was a recognizable structure located adjacent to Runway 11/29.  A former shopping center, the retail spaces served as extended offices for varying airport departments, which were relocated in preparation for the leveling.  Interior walls were demolished first, then work began on the exterior brick structure.  Portions of the building suitable for recycling will be sent for processing. 

Building Blocks: Lambert Photo of the Week

Artist Thomas Sleet applies epoxy while building custom structural designs for his art exhibit in the T1 Ticketing Lounge. 

The Terminal 1 Ticketing Lounge is a restful place nestled in the busy upper level of the airport’s most iconic building.  Between the living foliage wall and soothing color changing fountain lies a unique art exhibition space with rotating exhibits.  Thomas Sleet, a local sculptor and painter, installed his collection entitled, Studies in Topology this week.  Starting with commonly available materials, Sleet utilizes them as building blocks, stacking and arranging  them to merge organic structure with geometry.  All of the pieces he creates and assembles himself, often visualizing them on a massive, oversize scale.  His works will be on display at the airport through January 2017.  Art impacts an average of 35,000 passengers per day at Lambert, and is curated with the help of community support and the Regional Arts Commission.  Attend the Art of Travel gala on October 6 to help grow the Lambert Art and Culture Program.  Learn more at:  www.ArtOfTravelSTL.com 

Golden Glimmer: Lambert Photo of the Week

Local metalsmith Roger Rimel pinches 24 carat gold dust to sprinkle and fuse atop an Art of Travel Copper Collection jewelry piece.

Tickets are now on sale for the airport’s signature event of the year, Art of Travel. Proceeds from the October 6 gala benefit the Lambert Art and Culture Program, which enhances the visual appearance of the airport and cultural connectivity through art and exhibitions. A highlight of the event is the Copper Collection jewelry, which debuts for sale that night. Crafted from salvaged pieces of Lambert’s historic and iconic original copper roof, the legacy jewelry pieces and accessories for both men and women will be returning by popular demand.  The 2016 collection features works from renowned local metalsmiths Jennifer Walker, Peg Fetter, Roger Rimel and Leia Zumbro.  Mr. Rimel’s pieces are inspired by aerial landscapes and the textures of natural topography. Learn more at www.ArtOfTravelSTL.com 

A New Direction: Lambert Photo of the Week

Crews with ATK Safety Supply lay down temporary road markings ahead of opening the T1 Departures exit lanes for two-way traffic.

There’s a whole new direction to reach the Terminal 1 Garage starting this week at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Bridge renovations on Lambert International Boulevard required closing some lanes of traffic, which also impacted the main entrance to the Terminal 1 Garage. The solution- a detour that re-routes garage traffic into what is normally an exit-only toll booth plaza. Crews were able to re-stripe the exit lanes of Departures Drive to allow for two-way traffic and a single lane of in-bound garage traffic into the toll plaza.  There’s still two exit lanes for those dropping off passengers or exiting the T1 Garage. Additional signs direct motorists through this detour, which should be in effect through early November. You can map out the detour in advance with this map.

Something Sweet: Lambert Photo of the Week

A tiny traveler licks a giant lollipop while waiting for her flight in Terminal 2.

For many travelers, the vacation spirit starts and ends at the airport. It’s a popular time to splurge on items one might not normally indulge in, and that’s part of the travel fun.  As a parent, seeing the look on your child’s face when you surprise them by giving in to something unexpected, can be an overwhelmingly joyful feeling.  Sometimes, traveling can be stressful and those little luxury items help make it bearable for just a few more hours. Other times, certain treats or oddities can remind you of home or strike up an interesting conversation.  Whether it’s items found in stores or on menus, or in the feeling you get when viewing airport artworks, reading a good book, playing games, or people watching-  there are lots of little treats to be found and memories to be made before your wings take to the skies.  The beauty of travel is how the experience is in the journey, not once you reach your destination. And that’s pretty sweet. 

Virtual Travelers: Lambert Photo of the Week

Carson, a high school student from Tallahassee, FL., spots a Weedle in the Terminal 1 Ticketing Lounge while playing Pokemon Go.

It’s only been a few days, but the new Pokemon Go smartphone app has become a phenomenon.  The augmented reality game collects location and visual information from users phones, and utilizing the GPS and camera features, creates a Pokemon-filled world for the player that’s integrated with the real world around them.   Players have been catching Pokemon characters all over Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.  The game’s slogan is, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All,” and people are trying to do just that.  The latest news reports indicate there are more than 21 million players each day, and the Pokemon craze is only picking up speed. 

Do the Twist: Lambert Photo of the Week

Staff members at Auntie Anne’s twist dough into pretzels at Terminal 2.

For the perfect buttery salty-sweet treat, it’s hard to beat Auntie Anne’s famous pretzels.  The aroma alone is as delicious as the fresh-made dough, and can make mouths water just by walking past the store.  Auntie Anne’s can be found in Terminal 2, so if you’re flying Southwest Airlines, you’re in just the right spot to grab one and go.  Each pretzel is hand-twisted into the recognizable shape.  Once cooked, the treat is dusted with a variety of toppings and flavors to satisfy every savory or sweet tooth. 

Moose on the Move: Lambert Photo of the Week

Heather with Go Best Express wears moose ears to celebrate the International Moose Convention in St. Louis.

It was Moose madness at Lambert Airport on Thursday, when nearly 3,000 travelers flew in for the 2016 International Moose Convention being held in St. Louis. Go Best Express handled the majority of the ground transportation, and employees celebrated by wearing giant moose ears.  Even the monkey Go Best keeps behind the counter was sporting a pair. Former Moose International Grand Council Member and Moose of 34 years, Abby (not pictured), was waiting at Go Best to be transported and said on behalf of the organization, “We are very grateful to St. Louis for hosting us.”  She emphasized that “the public is welcome to come and be a part of the community.”  The Moose organization contributes between $75 to $100 million worth of community service (counting monetary donations, volunteer hours worked and miles driven) annually to help brighten the futures of thousands of children in need across North America. 

Raising the Rebar: Lambert Photo of the Week

Construction worker, Norm Smith, ties rebar on the Lambert International Blvd. bridge.

If you’ve driven to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport this summer, you may have been diverted around some road construction in front of Terminal 1.  A major bridge rehabilitation project is underway, and this week aged steel rebar was replaced with a green, epoxy-coated version that is more resistant to corrosion. It’s  just one of the many components that make up Phase 1 of the project. The bridge repairs will continue in various phases through late fall of 2016. Crews will be replacing bridge bearings, patching concrete, resurfacing the bridge deck and resurfacing the approaching sections of the roadway that connect to the bridge.   The structure was built in the 1960’s and repairs and maintenance are being done due to its age. 

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