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Photo Of The Week

Photo of the Week: Sky View

A sneak peek at the new skylight view from the lower level in Terminal 1.

Sneak peek alert! Here’s a look to the the very near future. It’s the full skylight view as seen from the lower level of Terminal 1. An escalator and sign structure used to fill this void. As part of the on-going Airport Experience renovations, crews are midway through the build-out of a permanent atrium between the ticketing level and the lower level. This will give folks a sky view of sorts from the lower level as natural light spills through the open space. The rectangular floor opening will be the perfect frame for Lambert’s LED light show, too. The skylights in the terminal domes are awash in color nightly.

Photo of the Week: F-4 Surprise

An F-4 Phantom takes off from Lambert Friday after a cross country fuel stop.

She’s an endangered species as far as war fighters go. An F-4 Phantom returned home briefly on Friday to Lambert’s airfield where McDonnell Douglas built more than 5,000 of the jets. The F4 Phantom was a critical aviation weapon beginning in the ‘60s. Today, there are fewer than 75 still flying. This jet is living its final years flying target practice missions for weapons testing at Tyndall AFB in Florida. While refueling, Boeing employees got a sneak peak at their own systems at work that enable the plane to be controlled remotely. On the side, the plane makes its round to a number of airshows. The pilot of this F4 was heading to the Sioux Falls Air Show.

Photo of the Week- Art Anniversary

Leonardo Nierman’s Sensación de Vuelo (Flying Sensation) has been flying under St. Louis skies for one year.

There’s thousands of ways to capture the beauty of Leonardo Nierman’s sculpture, Sensación de Vuelo, all depending on the mood of the skies above. The steel ribbon sculpture - Flying Sensation- was installed outside Lambert’s Terminal 2 exactly one year ago with great fanfare. The work by the internationally recognized Mexican artist was a gift to St. Louis on behalf of the people of Mexico. It was the first major art donation to the airport in more than two decades and the first art installation outside of Lambert’s terminal since 1970.

Lambert Photo of the Week: Liberty

5-year old Junior Holt meets Liberty the Bald Eagle at the Lambert USO prior to a flight back home to Fairbanks, Alaska.

We celebrated our nation’s liberty this week. At Lambert, we also celebrated a surprise visit by Liberty the Bald Eagle, who is an inspirational resident of the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis. Liberty and her handler, Teri Graves, stopped by the USO in Terminal 1 for a few photos, like the one with 5 year old Junior Hold of Alaska. Liberty was rescued from the wild after being permanently injured. He’s now a feature in the Sanctuary’s far reaching Eagle educational programs. After a few photos, Liberty and his team flew from St. Louis to Kansas City for a show at the KC Riverfest.

Photo of the Week: Concrete Crush

A Frontier Airlines jet taxis behind the dusty work of a concrete breaker vehicle which is being used in rebuilding a section of Runway 12R-30L at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Rebuilding or rehabilitating taxiways and runways are a key part of maintaining a safe airfield. This summer, the major project is the replacement of approximately 3,800 ft of Runway 12R-30L, one of Lambert’s two parallel runways. Concrete breaker vehicles do most of the dirty work. The remote controlled vehicles use a guillotine-style drop hammer to crack the worn out pavement so crews can remove the concrete debris and recycle for other uses.

Photo of the Week: Sky Streaks

Two jets crossed paths over Lambert’s FAA Tower.

Contrails are the long cloud-like vapor trails that form behind aircraft as they jet across the sky. On a clear blue day, like we’ve seen in recent days, its easy to see the weave of crisscrossing steaks which are made up of water vapor in the exhaust of aircraft engines. In the picture above, the paths of two jets were aligned along the same track as they flew over St. Louis. The eastbound jet’s contrail was already breaking up into whispy puffs as the westbound jet flew over Lambert’s FAA’s Air Traffic Control Tower.

Lambert Photo of the Week: Picture This!

St. Louis ArtWorks students snap pictures of a plane about to land at Lambert this week.

Pictures and more pictures were snapped this week at Lambert by a group of young artists in training. Lambert invited 17 high school and college-age students with St. Louis ArtWorks to see what life is like on a typical day at Lambert. The students captured planes taking off, baggage being loaded into planes, crews painting stripes on the airfield taxiways, restaurants in action, homecoming reunions and much more. The students will turn those pictures into sketches, paintings and other works of art for an exhibit at the Airport later this summer. The Boeing Company is sponsoring this summer art project at Lambert.

Photo of the Week: People to People

St. Louis and Mid-Missouri students from People to People get ready to fly out of Lambert for a trip to Europe.  

Lambert is a gateway to getaway for business and fun. For nearly 30 middle-school age St. Louis and mid-Missouri students, it’s also a getaway for a cultural exchange. The students are part of People to People, a student ambassador program that uses travel to bridge understanding and relationships between fellow students and those who live in distant destinations. The Lambert group, with their escorts, had a big send off with pictures and hugs from parents. They were then bound for the United Kingdom for a two-week adventure they’ll probably never forget.

Photo of the Week: Checkpoint Changes

The entrance the C Concourse Checkpoint is now opened up after renovations.

For months, the path to the C Concourse Checkpoint in Terminal 1 was obscured by a line of construction walls. On Friday, the walls were hauled off. The change is dramatic with higher ceilings and brighter lights. The entrance to the checkpoint is now open and inviting. It’s all part of the Airport Experience Program renovations. This is the first phase of the lower level to be substantially completed. Next week, newly renovated restrooms at the checkpoint entrance will open. And the checkpoint will get more screening equipment. When needed, the TSA will have the ability to screen passengers in eight lanes.

Photo of the Week: Summer Kickoff

Lambert passengers make their way past Delta gate A2 on the Friday before Memorial Day.

The Memorial Day holiday weekend and a heat wave are sure signs that summer has arrived in St. Louis. The kickoff to the summer travel season has been very evident throughout Lambert this week. Airline gate areas, concourses, bag claims--all seem to be bustling with a boost of passengers. If the spring is any indication, the Airport will be showing strong activity through the summer. Lambert’s first quarter passenger traffic was up 3.4 percent.


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