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Flight Information Arrivals & Departures

Flight information is for flights scheduled within the next 12 hours.

QuincyCape Air11541:27 PMArrived1C7
PhiladelphiaAA Connection37311:29 PMArrived1C184
Salt Lake CityDelta7381:34 PMArrived1A10
Washington-DCASouthwest22541:35 PMArrived2E162
Chicago O HareUnited52351:37 PMArrived1A166
New York-LGADelta62531:37 PMArrived1A85
PhoenixAmerican6521:40 PMArrived1C244
AtlantaSouthwest182:05 PMArrived2E102
DenverSouthwest14042:05 PMArrived2E62
OwensboroCape Air12562:07 PMArrived1C7
CancunFRONTIER0872:10 PMArrived2E29
AtlantaDelta20842:16 PMArrived1A66
JonesboroAir Choice One27082:30 PMOn Time1C12
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air11882:32 PMArrived1C7
MinneapolisDelta9162:37 PMArrived1A4
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest2852:55 PMArrived2E141
Houston-IAHUnited46192:56 PMArrived1A196
Las VegasSouthwest3653:05 PMArrived2E181
Fort DodgeAir Choice One22103:10 PMOn Time1C12
Chicago O HareAmerican12893:18 PMArrived1C103
Chicago O HareUnited45873:28 PMOn Time1A166
BaltimoreSouthwest2993:35 PMArrived2E222
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest10343:35 PMIn Range2E4
PhiladelphiaUS Airways46143:38 PMOn Time4
MemphisAmerican7563:38 PMArrived1C244
PhiladelphiaAmerican Eagle46143:44 PMOn Time1C184
AtlantaDelta7763:46 PMOn Time1A6
QuincyCape Air11563:53 PMOn Time1C7
OrlandoFRONTIER14153:55 PMOn Time1C231
DenverUnited51783:55 PMOn Time1A186
Jackson,TNAir Choice One23103:55 PMOn Time1C1
New York-LGAAmerican Eagle41004:01 PMArrived1C164
Portland,ORAlaska Airlines34324:05 PMOn Time1C152
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest26974:10 PMOn Time2E12
MiamiAmerican9824:16 PMOn Time1C123
DetroitDelta15734:22 PMOn Time1A2
MarionCape Air11164:30 PMOn Time1C7
DenverSouthwest13064:30 PMOn Time2E6
Kansas CitySouthwest4014:45 PMOn Time2E16
OrlandoSouthwest7524:45 PMOn Time2E10
MinneapolisDelta25964:50 PMOn Time1A6
KirksvilleCape Air11744:55 PMOn Time1C7
Cape GirardeauCape Air11344:58 PMOn Time1C7
New York-LGASouthwest22475:00 PMOn Time2E18
PhoenixAmerican4835:01 PMDelay-5:15 PM1C244
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican22125:04 PMOn Time1C184
PhoenixUS Airways 4165:08 PMOn Time4
San FranciscoUnited63435:10 PMOn Time1A166
Burlington,IAAir Choice One26375:15 PMOn Time
NewarkUnited42975:20 PMOn Time1A146
Orange CountySouthwest5305:20 PMOn Time2E14
Washington-DCAAmerican Eagle42915:30 PMOn Time1C83
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest5635:35 PMOn Time2E4
Chicago O HareUnited58435:39 PMOn Time1A186
Houston-IAHUnited50875:40 PMOn Time1A166
TorontoAir Canada80335:45 PMOn Time1A216
Houston-HOUSouthwest10225:45 PMOn Time2E24
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air11905:47 PMOn Time1C7
ClevelandUnited44295:50 PMOn Time1A196
SeattleAlaska Airlines7485:55 PMOn Time1C152
OwensboroCape Air12685:57 PMOn Time1C7
DenverUnited36626:12 PMOn Time1A146
Ft. MyersSouthwest66:20 PMOn Time2E22
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican23716:23 PMOn Time1C123
Little RockSouthwest14726:35 PMOn Time2E14
New York-LGADelta62266:37 PMDelay-6:52 PM1A8
San FranciscoSouthwest3096:40 PMOn Time2E16
Los AngelesSouthwest7546:40 PMOn Time2E6
DaytonUnited36866:49 PMOn Time1A166
TulsaSouthwest15126:50 PMOn Time2E12
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest22346:50 PMOn Time2E20
Washington-IADUnited34346:52 PMOn Time1A186
Las VegasSouthwest8496:55 PMOn Time2E10
San AntonioSouthwest1817:00 PMOn Time2E18
OmahaSouthwest21177:05 PMOn Time2E4
New York-LGAAmerican Eagle41317:11 PMOn Time1C163
CharlotteUS Airways7657:14 PMOn Time4
New OrleansSouthwest6867:15 PMOn Time2E22
NewarkUnited42027:24 PMOn Time1A196
QuincyCape Air11467:27 PMOn Time1C7
KirksvilleCape Air11787:31 PMOn Time1C7
AustinAmerican7657:33 PMOn Time1C244
Houston-IAHUnited34107:39 PMOn Time1A216
NashvilleSouthwest29637:40 PMOn Time2E12
PhoenixSouthwest6997:55 PMOn Time2E16
New York-LGASouthwest15337:55 PMOn Time
Chicago O HareAmerican13237:58 PMOn Time1C83
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican517:59 PMOn Time1C123
Ft. MyersFRONTIER14318:05 PMOn Time1C191
ColumbusSouthwest5388:05 PMOn Time
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest2758:10 PMOn Time
Oklahoma CitySouthwest24348:10 PMOn Time2E20
AtlantaDelta20528:10 PMOn Time1A10
PhiladelphiaSouthwest2498:15 PMOn Time2E6
Washington-DCASouthwest28378:15 PMOn Time
NewarkSouthwest11558:20 PMOn Time2E18
BostonSouthwest108:25 PMOn Time2E14
MilwaukeeSouthwest3898:25 PMOn Time2E10
PhiladelphiaAmerican Eagle46458:38 PMOn Time1C274
DetroitDelta62318:38 PMOn Time1A4
Chicago O HareUnited33518:42 PMOn Time1A146
Ft LauderdaleSouthwest7848:55 PMOn Time
New York-LGAAmerican Eagle41388:58 PMOn Time1C164
Salt Lake CityDelta46759:00 PMOn Time1A3
TampaSouthwest7009:05 PMOn Time
MinneapolisSouthwest5789:15 PMOn Time
CharlotteUS Airways7939:19 PMOn Time4
BostonAmerican7939:35 PMOn Time1C244
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican10109:42 PMOn Time1C184
MiamiAmerican252110:00 PMOn Time1C123
Chicago O HareUnited369610:21 PMOn Time1A186
Los AngelesAmerican240310:28 PMOn Time1C284
DenverSouthwest267310:30 PMOn Time
NewarkUnited410010:37 PMOn Time1A176
TampaFRONTIER142111:05 PMOn Time1C231
PhoenixSouthwest67211:10 PMOn Time
Houston-IAHUnited338011:16 PMOn Time1A216
AtlantaDelta142611:17 PMOn Time1A6
Washington-IADUnited342711:34 PMOn Time1A196
PhoenixAmerican101711:46 PMOn Time1C184
DenverFRONTIER28812:15 AMOn Time1C151
Las VegasFRONTIER113212:55 AMOn Time1C231
AtlantaDelta14231:00 PMDelay-1:32 PM1A6
QuincyCape Air11471:26 PMDeparted1C7
Washington-DCAAmerican Eagle43771:33 PMDeparted1C16
PhiladelphiaUS Airways37311:43 PMOn Time
KirksvilleCape Air11691:50 PMDeparted1C7
Los AngelesAmerican12581:50 PMDeparted1C12
PhiladelphiaAA Connection37311:55 PMDeparted1C18
New OrleansSouthwest2781:55 PMDeparted2E12
Chicago O HareUnited52652:07 PMDeparted1A16
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican502:10 PMDeparted1C10
Los AngelesSouthwest22542:10 PMDeparted2E16
MarionCape Air11112:20 PMDeparted1C7
PhoenixAmerican5802:25 PMDeparted1C24
New York-LGADelta62372:25 PMOn Time1A8
OwensboroCape Air12572:35 PMDeparted1C7
Ft LauderdaleSouthwest14042:35 PMDeparted2E6
Cape GirardeauCape Air11292:44 PMOn Time1C7
AlbuquerqueSouthwest182:45 PMDeparted2E10
AtlantaDelta20843:00 PMOn Time1A6
NewarkUnited45433:27 PMOn Time1A19
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air11873:30 PMOn Time1C7
DecaturAir Choice One25043:30 PMOn Time1C1
Washington-DCASouthwest2853:30 PMDeparted2E14
TampaFRONTIER14203:40 PMOn Time1C19
San JuanSouthwest3653:55 PMOn Time2E18
Chicago O HareUnited42733:58 PMOn Time1A16
Raleigh/DurhamAmerican99184:00 PMOn Time
DenverSouthwest10344:05 PMOn Time2E4
OrlandoSouthwest3014:10 PMOn Time2E22
PhiladelphiaUS Airways46144:15 PMOn Time
PhiladelphiaAmerican Eagle46144:18 PMOn Time1C18
Burlington,IAAir Choice One29044:20 PMOn TimeBB7
WilmingtonAmerican19794:20 PMOn Time1C24
DenverUnited52124:27 PMOn Time1A18
DetroitDelta18054:27 PMOn Time1A6
Fort DodgeAir Choice One22114:30 PMOn Time1C1
Portland,ORAlaska Airlines34334:45 PMOn Time1C15
Salt Lake CityDelta7384:45 PMAt Gate1A10
Ft. MyersSouthwest26974:50 PMOn Time2E12
Las VegasFRONTIER11354:55 PMOn Time1C23
KirksvilleCape Air11735:00 PMOn Time1C7
MiamiAmerican12465:01 PMOn Time1C12
New York-LGAAmerican Eagle41005:01 PMOn Time1C8
MinneapolisDelta25965:13 PMAt Gate1A4
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest13065:15 PMOn Time2E6
Houston-HOUSouthwest4015:20 PMOn Time2E16
QuincyCape Air11555:25 PMOn Time1C7
PhoenixSouthwest7525:30 PMOn Time2E10
AtlantaDelta11995:30 PMOn Time1A6
NewarkUnited45965:50 PMOn Time1A14
PhoenixUS Airways19495:50 PMOn Time
PhoenixAmerican5285:50 PMOn Time1C24
United55235:51 PMOn Time1A16
Cape GirardeauCape Air11395:54 PMCancelled1C7
Houston-HOUSouthwest5305:55 PMOn Time2E14
KirksvilleCape Air11796:10 PMOn Time1C7
Washington-DCAAmerican Eagle42286:10 PMOn Time1C8
Houston-IAHUnited43096:13 PMOn Time1A18
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest25446:15 PMOn Time2E18
Washington-IADUnited34216:16 PMOn Time1A16
TorontoAir Canada80326:20 PMOn Time1A21
ClevelandUnited42856:20 PMOn Time1A19
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air11956:21 PMOn Time1C7
TampaSouthwest5636:25 PMOn Time2E4
AtlantaSouthwest66:50 PMOn Time2E22
SeattleAlaska Airlines7516:55 PMOn Time1C15
OwensboroCape Air12657:00 PMOn Time1C7
JonesboroAir Choice One27097:00 PMOn Time1C1
Jackson,TNAir Choice One23057:00 PMOn Time1C1
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican23717:14 PMOn Time1C18
New York-LGASouthwest15127:40 PMOn Time2E12
OntarioSouthwest22347:40 PMOn Time2E20
BostonSouthwest3097:45 PMOn Time2E16
MilwaukeeSouthwest7547:45 PMOn Time2E6
ColumbusSouthwest8497:45 PMOn Time2E10
PhiladelphiaSouthwest21177:45 PMOn Time2E4
Washington-DCASouthwest1817:50 PMOn Time2E18
DetroitSouthwest35687:50 PMOn Time2E14
QuincyCape Air11597:59 PMOn Time1C7
MarionCape Air11178:10 PMOn Time1C7
Raleigh/DurhamSouthwest6868:10 PMOn Time2E22
Grand RapidsSouthwest29638:10 PMOn Time2E12
MinneapolisSouthwest6998:25 PMOn Time2E16
NewarkSouthwest24348:45 PMOn Time2E20
DenverFRONTIER2818:50 PMOn Time1C19
OmahaSouthwest2499:15 PMOn Time2E6
Oklahoma CitySouthwest3899:15 PMOn Time2E10
AustinSouthwest109:30 PMOn Time2E14
Little RockSouthwest18779:30 PMOn Time2E18


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