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Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design

Thomas Sleet-Studies in Topology

August 12, 2016- April 17, 2017
Terminal 1 Ticketing Lounge

All work courtesy of Bruno David Gallery, St. Louis



Starting with commonly available materials, Thomas Sleet's work orbits the unpredictable effects of natural phenomena on synthetic objects and hybrid material. A combination of painting, sculpture, texture, and color it is enigmatic; it weaves themes of organic structure, migration, infinite multiples, and culture with systems of individual marks. Through the application of cement materials to varying substrates in repetitious patterns, where no two marks are identical, a dynamic tension is achieved in that there is the geometry of repetition and the contrast of organic coexisting. Even deeper is the inspiration to transform time and space via spontaneous textural constructions that invoke the experience of unlimited containment, i.e. universal vessel or exponential release. These elemental constructions reference the "big bang" and black hole theories. With cement, plant fiber, wood chips, and oxides, Sleet seeks to energize the ether - ignite the unknown.

The culmination of this work is the purification of form - the merging of organic structure with geometry to engage a new vernacular of form. Tortured distressed surfaces, a unique merging of form and texture, positive and negative, color and space, unite as one.

Thomas Sleet attended Columbus College of Art and Design and Washington University in St. Louis - Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, where he received his B.F.A.

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