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St. Louis by Sievers

St. Louis by Sievers- Terminal 2 Bag Claim- April 2016 through October 2017
Presented by the Missouri History Museum, International Photography Hall of Fame, and the Lambert Art & Culture Program.

The photography exhibition in the Terminal 2 Baggage Claim showcases early 20th Century St. Louis life from the Missouri History Museum’s rarely seen Siever’s collection, which features the works of father and son photographers Isaac and Al Sievers. 

Viewers will connect with scenes of beer garden gatherings, early day airport limos, women’s roller derby and the once prominent St. Louis hat-making trade. Large panoramas above the bag claim carousels feature some momentous images as well, depicting the suffragist movement, African-American benevolent societies and a major jubilee celebration for one of St. Louis’ Jesuit leaders.

The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum, based in St. Louis, is contributing to the exhibition with a showcase of four important cameras that the elder Sievers utilized through his photography career. By viewing the cameras, one can see the process that helped produce beautiful images around St. Louis.   

In 1916, Isaac Sievers started his photography studio on Olive Street, and it would become one of several major studios operating in St. Louis. Sievers specialized in taking panoramas and photographs of businesses and gatherings. As his business expanded, he hired other photographers. In a few short years, Sievers was joined by his son and apprentice, Alvin, who took over the studio in the 1930s and kept it going until he retired in the 1990s.

Travelers also have the opportunity to step inside these historical images. Through green screen technology provided by GoodEye PhotoShare, visitors are able to use their personal smartphone to take a photo of themselves and mail it to one of the email addresses provided. Within minutes, they will receive a reply email with them embedded in a historic St. Louis photo.

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