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International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum present "Heritage of Cameras"


Lambert Terminal 1, Bag Claim at The Lambert Gallery


August 1, 2014- Nov. 30, 2014


We are bombarded by photographs every day through advertising, news and communications; and through social media threads like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. With the advent of the smart phone, nearly everyone is a photographer. But we seldom stop to think about the mechanisms by which  photographs are made, namely the camera.

In spite of remarkable variety of camera designs, they all have three features in common: a light-tight chamber, a lens, and a sensitive recording area (film or image sensor). Light enters the chamber through a lens and is recorded by a film or sensor. The cameras in this exhibit are a sampling of the many directions camera design has taken.

Large format cameras produce big negatives with lots of information. These negatives were favored by artists who wished to record exquisite detail. Miniature cameras, at the other end of the spectrum, were easily concealed and used surreptitiously to record in secret. There are also cameras favored for studio photography and those preferred by street photographers.

19th century cameras were equipped to accept negatives on glass. The Box Camera was the first popular camera that accepted roll film. High end image sensors of today can reproduce the accurate details of large format film, while remaining portable and convenient. Stereo cameras create a pair of images that, when viewed through a device, reproduces the depth in three dimensions.


The exhibition is sponsored in part by the Regional Arts Commission. 


The Lambert Gallery is part of Lambert’s Art and Culture Program which features temporary exhibitions from the St. Louis region and the State of Missouri. 


About The International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum   


As a nexus of photographic activity in Grand Center and the region, IPHF hosts photographic exhibits and competitions, displays its museum of cameras, provides workshops in all aspects of historical and contemporary photographic techniques, presents guest speakers and panel discussions, host meetings of local photographic organizations and offers its traveling exhibitions to venues across the country.


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